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Being a host can be a full time job if you want to do it properly. Airmanaged is here to help

Based in Belgravia, Airmanaged offers a hands on short term property management service. All of our work including cleaning, check in, check out and maintenance is done by our own staff.

Our Central London office location provides quick access to any zone 1 and zone 2 property. We manage your flat rental so you can increase your income with peace of mind.



  • Maintenance

Coordinating your own maintenance work takes up valuable time and costs more as we pass down the economies of scale to our customers

Our dedicated maintenance team makes life hassle free

  • Wear and Tear

Large amount of wear and tear as long term tenants spend all of their time in your property and accumulate much unwanted stuff and might not professionally clean the flat regularly

Marginal depreciation
Short term guests usually use the apartments to sleep only with regular cleainings before every checkin

  • Flexibility of Use

Signing an Assured Shorthold tenancy provides you zero flexibility to use your property and can be highly inconvenient

Your property is at your disposal- use it for a weekend stay in London or your own guests coming from abroad

  • Efficiency

Tenancy changeover is a time-consuming and costly process, and should the event occur in seasonally down months such as December or January, the effects could be exacerbated

Your flat will never go empty, the stream of corporate execs coming into London is steady, and rolling



    Airbnb rentals earn significantly more than the ordinary residential letting. Maximise your potential and you earn up to 150% of the residential yield on your property


    Airmanaged offers a full management service of your property from Listing it on Airbnb to managing the guests and all the support services associated


    Airmanaged is totally flexible with your plans and we can block out the days, weeks or months that you would need your property for personal use


  • Reservation management

    • Listing Optimization
    • Photography & Design Consulting
    • Multiple Platform Listing
    • Price Setting & Occupancy Optimization
  • Guest Management

    • Guest Vetting
    • Check in, Check out & key exchange
    • Linens, Toiletries & Essentials Stock
    • 24 Hours Guest Support & Communication
  • Property Management

    • Inventory Management
    • Maintenance
    • Cleaning
    • General Upkeep
    • 24 Hours Response for Emergencies


We have 2 fee structures for you to choose from

Management Plan 


from 10%


 airmanaged charges as low as 10% of every booking. This covers Reservation & Guest management

Guaranteed Rent Model




airmanaged pays you a guaranteed monthly rent over and above the market rental rates, regardless of how your listing performs

Airmanaged takes care of the check-in, checkout (24/7, anytime during day and night time), of the emergency calls, cleaning, laundry and we answer all the guests’ requests very quickly


  • Contact us for an appointment & viewing of your property

  • We visit you to assess the property and finalize the fee structure agreement

  • We prepare the property, take professional photos and list it for you

  • We manage your Reservation, Guests & Property to increase your rental income & peace of mind

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