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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Airmanaged Do?

Based in Belgravia, airmanaged offers a hands on short term property management service for Airbnb hosts. This allows us to take care of your property on Airbnb and give you peace of mind. All of our work including cleaning, check in, check out and maintenance is done by our own staff.

Why should I use Airmanaged?

Our staff has been successfully listing their own properties on Airbnb and they have extensive experience in this regard. We have a dedicated team of property managers, cleaners and support personnel that will handle your listing, its pricing, communicate with guests, screen them and manage your reservation schedule as well as prepare the flat for each check in and check out, manage the key exchange and of course take care of stocking essentials, toiletries, linens and answer any maintenance emergencies, plumbing, electrical works or other. In short, Airmanaged handles all the hard work so you can get a return on your property with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Does Airmanaged communicate in my name?

We can communicate in your name if you prefer but our default process  is to up guest communication by introducing our team under our own Airbnb accounts. This indicating that you (the host) have a dedicated support team which we believe if guests know, will feel more at ease before and during their stay. They will also feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns at any time.

Does Airmanaged manage room rentals?

Yes Airmanaged can manage your full property or a room within your property. However, we recommend you put your entire flat as this can earn you more income.

Will Airmanaged take care of reviews and feedback?

Airmanaged will write and post reviews on your behalf unless you prefer to do this yourself. Airmanaged is flexible when it comes to Airbnb account management. We can always discuss together before leaving reviews for specific guests.

How can I be confident my home will be treated well?

In this sharing economy, most guests treat the homes they stay in as their own. We carefully vet and screen every guest before accepting a booking request. We make sure we accept a certain profile that we have agreed on with the host. For example you can stipulate a no kids rule, or no college students, noise etc… We make sure the rules of the house are followed and provide full instructions and information to the guests before their stay.

How long does it take for my property to be ready?

Currently we can have your property up and ready within 1 week.

Who should use Airmanaged?

Airmanaged is for any Property owner that is thinking of renting their property through a letting agency or who is considering trying out Airbnb. We take care of it to offer you peace of mind. Airmanaged is the perfect solution for property owners that have a flat as an investment but are not yet willing to sell it.

Can I use Airmanaged if I am not living in London?

Airmanaged is perfect for property owners that have property in London but do not live here and need someone to manage their flat while they are away. We can also block the dates you are in London so you use it when you are here, and make money while you are away.

Does Airmanaged help me submit damage reports to get coverage from Airbnb?

In the rare case of damages or any foul play, Airmanaged will take care of all the forms and file a complaint with Airbnb in order to get you the necessary reimbursements under Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

How much can I make with Airmanaged?

Taking into account that you are saving agency fees, vacancy time between finding tenants and per day rental pricing vs. monthly or yearly pricing, you can expect to make 200% to 300% more on your rentals. This can vary based on the seasonality when your flat is up for rent, the location of your flat or property and its size.

What do you need for my home to be ready?

We require 4 sets of keys, an initial stock   of cleaning products & toiletries and that you take out your personal high value items from your home.

Does Airmanaged furnish my property?

Airmanaged does not furnish properties but we will help you set up your flat for high quality professional photography. We will also help you choose the right furniture offering consultation and advise.

Will Airmanaged have access to my Airbnb Account?

Airmanaged will never request your password or account details or other private information

What if I change my mind?

You can always change your mind. We would remove your listing off Airbnb. However, we recommend you honor whatever reservations you may have received while the listing was online.