Leaving Your Flat In The Middle Of Your Long Term Let Without Any Penalties

A while back, I had to pack up and leave London in the middle of my long term let contract. I was worried I would have to forfeit part of my deposit or pay a penalty. However, to my surprise, I was able to refer my landlord (the property owner) to Airmanaged who were able to take over the lease the day right after I left. This way the property owner did not have any vacancy and I didn’t have to pay any penalties. I was happy and he was happy and it was a win-win scenario for all parties.

If you are renting a flat and need to suddenly leave, you can refer the landlord to Airmanaged, so you don’t have to pay any penalties and they will be happy to continue to make money for the remainder of your lease. Moreover, the landlord will be happier as he will probably make more money letting their flat on a per day or per week basis rather than a per year or per month basis.