The Biggest Hassles For Airbnb Hosts

Cleaning and laundry between guests. Washing and changing sheets alone can take an hour. Cleaning the home could take 2 hours or more based on its size


Booking guests online includes answering their questions, providing them with information and updating your pricing weekly. This process can take up to 6 hours per week of your time.


Damage, Repairs & fixes can vary from a plumbing problem to small door handles or electrical fixes. With different people using the flat, you will find you have to spend at least an hour a week just checking and fixing anything that is out of order.


Checking in Guests & Meet & Greet for key exchange could become a big hassle when you have many guests back to back with short 2 or 3 day stays. This process alone can take up to 2 hours a week and this is not including train or plane delays while waiting for guests to arrive.


Screening & security of prospective guests could be a big hassle especially if you are not aware how to vet or check them. It is always a good idea to check their profile, make sure they are verified and read all the reviews about them. Airbnb host management companies like Airmanaged go an extra step and check their history on social media as well as other platforms. This is important to make sure they are compatible. This process could take up an hour a week of your time or more if you don’t know where to look.


24 hour support for tourists can become a hassle especially when you have a lost person texting or calling you late at night or during your meeting trying to find their way back to you flat. Here, there is a great benefit to have a dedicated team that handles this while you are away or busy at work.


These hassles can quickly add up consuming your time of an estimated 12 hours per week. That is 12 hours you can use to rest easy, take a vacation, visit family or spend time doing something you enjoy. At this point, you may consider hiring a management company to take care of everything. For more information, visit for more information on how our team can help you.